Are you scared of the dentist? Our dogs and sedation dentistry can help!

Scared patient at dentist office

Avoiding the dentist because of fear can be detrimental to your oral health as tooth decay can worsen over time. Regular dental cleanings and exams are important for keeping your smile bright. Visiting your Cherry Hill, NJ dentist can prevent more difficult dental issues down the road.

At the TLC Dental Center, we pride ourselves in creating a friendly and comforting environment for all of our patients. Dr. Kardon, her team members, and her dogs work hard to make you feel like a part of the family when you walk in the doors. However, if you’re scared of the dentist, your first step can be getting to know us and what we offer here!

The TLC Dental Family

  • Dr. Kardon has served many families in the Cherry Hill, NJ residence for over 20 years and has helped countless people obtain the dental care they need. She also finds fulfillment in providing care to the underserved in her community. Patients describe Dr. Kardon as caring, compassionate, devoted, and dedicated. She loves spending time with her family and friends, dogs, going to the ocean, and being outside in the warm weather.
  • Her team members include:
    • Tracey Critchfield is one of our Dental Assistants. She is known for comforting and relaxing patients with her smile.
    • Linda Githens is also a Dental Assistant and is known for her outgoing personality and ability to ease patients’ fears and anxiety.
    • Tristanray Wolfe is our Registered Dental Hygienist. She is known for being kind and gentle and educating patients on good oral health.
  • The resident pups:
    • Norbit Kardon is our Chocolate Labrador who loves biscuits, treats, and meeting new patients!
    • Dudley Kardon is our calm and kind Golden Retriever. He loves greeting every patient that walks in the door and soaking up as much attention as possible!

Now that you know a little more about us, we hope you will come meet us in person! (And don’t forget the treats for Norbit!) Contact us online or call us at (865) 667-1001 to set up an appointment today.

Sedation Dentistry

We know that a friendly staff and dogs might not be enough to ease fear and anxiety—that’s why we offer conscious sedation dentistry to make your visit pleasant and care-free. This method requires you to take a prescribed sedative about one hour before your dental appointment allowing you to be awake but relaxed.

Besides the obvious advantage of relaxation and calm nerves, sedation dentistry is also beneficial because:

  • The pills are easy to take.
  • Needles are not required.
  • It has an amnesia-like effect during the procedure.
  • It is a safe and effective method.
  • The patient is still responsive during the procedure.

We treat patients every week who have feared the dentist for a long time, and we have helped them overcome that fear! With sedation dentistry, you can experience a relaxed, pain-free dental visit too.

Call Us Today

Don’t let the fear of the dentist keep you from getting the care you need for your teeth. Our friendly staff and pups are eager to meet you, make you feel at home, and provide you with exceptional dental care. To talk with us about how we can help calm your anxiety and reduce your fear, contact our Cherry Hill, NJ office today at (856) 667-1001.