Coping Techniques for Fear of Dental Visits

Fear of the dentist is more common than many individuals think. There can be many reasons why our patients in Cherry Hills, NJ may experience dental phobia. Some individuals may have had a bad or painful dental experience in the past. Others simply fear hearing bad news about their oral health. Dr. Julie Kardon and our team at TLC Dental Center work with patients who experience dental phobia. This is one reason why we offer various forms of sedation dentistry.  

Sedation dentistry allows patients to enter a relaxed and comfortable state. This treatment option is also beneficial for individuals who may have difficulty controlling their movements while seated in a dental chair. If you are looking for a dentist who can help you manage your fear of dental visits, schedule an appointment at TLC Dental Center or call us at (856) 667-1001. If you are searching for ways to address dental phobia from home, these four tips have proven effective for patients with dental phobia. 

4 Ways to Cope with Dental Phobia

Get in the Right Mindset

Addressing dental phobia begins before your visit to our Cherry Hills dental office and while you sit in our waiting room. Some patients prefer to listen to a funny podcast or humorous book to prevent the onset of anxiety. You can also try various breathing techniques or listening to music to relax. Anything you can do to not dwell on the upcoming procedure can aid in lowering anxiety while you are at our office. 

Don’t Go Alone

Some patients find that going alone to a dental appointment can add to dental phobia. You are welcome to take a friend or relative to our dental office. He or she can sit with you in our waiting room. Having someone to talk to before the procedure can further aid you by keeping your mind from becoming preoccupied with the pending dental procedure. 

Chat with Dr. Kardon About Your Dental Phobia

Many of our patients struggle with dental phobia. Dr. Kardon or one of our friendly staff members will listen empathetically to your concerns. Sometimes, simply informing a trained doctor about your worries can offer relief. Once Dr. Kardon understands your concerns or fears, she can begin advising you on ways to cope with dental phobia. Part of that conversation may involve an explanation of how sedation dentistry works. 

Ask Questions

There are no secrets at our dental office. If you have questions about procedures and the tools Dr. Kardon uses, we will gladly take the time to describe each step of the procedure ahead of time. We understand that many of the tools we use look foreign to non-medical professionals. You may be surprised to learn that many dental tools have simple, non-invasive uses. By being better informed, you can begin taking control over your anxieties. 

Schedule Your Appointment With a Sedation Dentist Today

While putting off dental visits is one way to avoid dental phobia, the potential health problems are not worth the risk. Regular cleanings and exams are a proven way to prevent more painful and invasive procedures down the road.

Dental phobia does not have to stand between you and a healthy smile. If you have dental anxiety, reach out to a team member at TLC Dental Center. Contact us online or call us at (865) 667-1001.