Covid 19


How TLC is keeping patients and staff safe

We  have begun to offer private and secure virtual physician consultations via phone, smart phone, tablet, or computer to new and established patients. For new patients, this is an ideal time to virtually meet your TLC dentist, review medical histories, have your questions answered, complete a new patient evaluation, all from the comfort of home.

For established patients, this is an ideal time to virtually connect with Dr. Kardon and discuss current treatment or receive counseling on a new or ongoing treatment option, also from the comfort of home. 

Virus prevention strategies in our offices


As you know, the situation is changing daily, and therefore, we will continue our due diligence of prevention and adherence to public health guidelines. For those patients who are experiencing sensitivity and are requesting a procedural visit, we will take all appropriate measures to allow for the safest environment possible. Upon your visit, this includes but is not limited to:

  1. Increased your safety by screening all patients for potential exposure and risk factors for COVID-19 before they reach the TLC office. We will not permit patients who fail screening to be seen in the office.
  2. While sanitation has always been important (our equipment is tested for sterilization standards every month and we’ve never failed a test), we’ve amped up our hand hygiene and disinfecting protocols.
  3. We’ve modified appointment schedules to reduce the number of patients in our reception area.
  4. We’ve converted all non-essential appointments to virtual consultations to increase safety in the office for those in the most need.

Need To Contact Us?

During this unprecedented time, we will continue to offer our patients the support they need and deserve. Our staff is available, and will continue to provide guidance to ensure patients are able to make progress toward their dental health goals.

To expedite the proper handling of your question/request and in order to provide you with the best possible service, please direct all communications to the contact information below.

  • All general scheduling questions regarding appointments and consultations should be addressed to our office line from 12pm – 3pm: 1.856.667.1001.
  • All TLC Patient Portal technical/troubleshooting questions, call the SGF New Patient Center at 1.888.761.1967.
  • All non-clinical, financial, or insurance questions should be emailed first here Our team will respond via email or phone call after emergency patients needs have been addressed.

Virtual Appointments

PSA: These are stressful times we are in, and a natural response to stress (out of habit for many) is grinding your teeth. Everyone – and particularly those with sensitive teeth– should make sure to pay attention if you’re doing so, and try to stop.

What to Look Out For

  • Teeth grinding or clenching, which may be loud enough to wake up your sleep partner.
  • Teeth that are flattened, fractured, chipped or loose.
  • Worn tooth enamel, exposing deeper layers of your tooth.
  • Increased tooth pain or sensitivity

What We're Going To Do For You

For Patients Who Cannot Get Out 

We are offering free TMJ and bruxism consults and we’ll clean up your guards and appliances at no charge for 2 weeks after we first fully re-open. Please call today and reserve your appointment.

For Patients Who Can Get Out Today

We are offering the same free TMG and Bruxism Consult and guard and appliance cleaning during the quarantine period. Just schedule via email. We will have to limit these openings to 5 per week and the openings may fill fast. 

Reminders for patients with upcoming appointments

If you have an upcoming appointment in our office, we look forward to seeing you. As we continue to monitor the real-time developments of the virus, we ask that you please oblige the following requests:

  • Come to your appointment unaccompanied to reduce the number of people in the office. This applies for all types of visits, including bite adjustments, fillings, and extractions. Significant Others/Partners may wait in the car and will be notified that the appointment is over. Significant Others/Partners may be permitted to “attend” portions of the appointment virtually via your phone device upon request to the doctor.
  • Arrive at your scheduled appointment time so our team can better control the flow of patients in the office and offer each patient the space needed for social distancing.