Dental Implants and Your Natural Tooth

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The similarities between dental implants and natural teeth are surprising. It’s no wonder that more and more people are seeking the unique restorative properties of implants. If you live in or around Cherry Hill, NJ and are seeking a permanent solution to tooth loss, Dr. Julie Kardon can place one or more dental implants to restore your smile.

Unlike traditional restorations, which attach to nearby teeth or the surface of gums, dental implants are anchored firmly to the jawbone. Once your jawbone heals, you can be fitted with a durable crown, bridge, or denture. So what makes dental implants so lifelike?

Restore Natural Oral Function with Dental Implants

Dental implants are the only restoration that replicates the structure and function of natural teeth. Dental implants are comprised primarily of two structures: the implant post and crown. The implant post functions like your natural tooth root. Our roots play an important role in maintaining jawbone health. Each time we bite or chew, tiny vibrations from our tooth roots signal nearby bone tissue to continually regenerate. This is why tooth loss eventually leads to jawbone atrophy and the “caved-in” look of some geriatric individuals.

Once placed, dental implants provide the same bone-generating benefits of tooth roots. Each time you bite, your titanium post will stimulate bone growth. This benefit can leave your cheeks looking full and youthful.

The ceramic crown restores your lost crown (the visible portion of your natural tooth). Advances in dentistry now allow Dr. Kardon to match the color and luster of your natural teeth when fabricating your dental crown. Porcelain offers natural-looking results. The materials used to manufacture crowns closely match the strength of natural enamel. Some varieties of porcelain are even stronger than enamel. Once you are ready to be fitted with a dental crown, Dr. Kardon will ensure that your custom crown matches the size, shape, and shade of your other teeth.

If you are missing multiple consecutive teeth, Dr. Kardon will attach a durable bridge to your implants. Patients who are missing most or all of their teeth can benefit from an implant-retained denture or partial denture. All of our prosthetics are fabricated to be strong and natural-looking.

Dental implants not only resemble missing teeth. Many of our patients report that dental implants feel and function like natural teeth. If you miss the ability to chew steak or other tough foods with confidence, a member of our dental team will be glad to explain how we can restore natural function to your teeth.

How long will my implants last?

With good oral hygiene habits and regular visits to our Cherry Hill dental practice, your dental implant can last a lifetime. Implants enjoy a very low failure rate. One key to maintaining your implants is to ensure that your gums and bone tissue remain healthy and free of disease. The restoration that attaches to your implants can last a very long time as well. When you do need to replace your crown, bridge, or denture, the straightforward procedure can be completed by Dr. Kardon.

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Dental implants restore oral function. If you tired of living with the adverse effects of tooth loss, Dr. Kardon can restore your smile using advanced dental implants. Our office offers calm and relaxing sedation dentistry for patients who have dental phobia. To schedule your implant consultation with Dr. Kardon, please contact our office online or call (856) 667-1001.