Do dental crowns look like natural teeth?

dental crown next to natural tooth

Dental crowns are restorative in nature, but many of our Cherry Hill patients have come to enjoy the cosmetic benefits of these custom prosthetics. If you have an old dental crown that is worn and discolored or require extensive treatment for tooth decay, Dr. Julie Kardon will be glad to describe the many benefits that dental crowns can deliver. One question we’re often asked at TLC Dental Center is, Do dental crowns look like natural teeth?

How Do Dental Crowns Match the Appearance of Natural Teeth?

Under the expert eye and skillful hands of Dr. Kardon, your custom dental crowns will perfectly match your neighboring teeth. There are several factors that allow dental crowns to deliver natural-looking results. First, your custom crown will be manufactured to perfectly fit between your natural teeth. Following the preparation of your tooth, a highly accurate mold of your mouth will be made by Dr. Kardon.

Our office works with a trusted laboratory that has a track record of delivering strong and attractive dental crowns for our Cherry Hill office. Dr. Kardon will take careful notes and will communicate the particulars of your oral and cosmetic needs to our trusted laboratory. Throughout the manufacturing process, the lab will have a direct line to Dr. Kardon and our team should they have any questions.

The aim of our trusted lab is to deliver crowns that are both durable and natural-looking. The shape of your dental crown will be determined by the natural features of your teeth. The top of your prosthetic is designed to snugly fit within the grooves of the tooth that is directly above or below it.

Beyond delivering a natural shape, your custom crown will have the color and luster of your natural teeth. Care will be taken to ensure that your new crown is color-matched to perfectly blend with your smile. This is possible because innovations and advances in modern dentistry now allow crowns to be crafted from tooth-colored materials that blend seamlessly with your smile.

When your custom crown arrives at our dental practice, Dr. Kardon will ensure that it is a perfect fit, both in terms of function and appearance. Once you are completely satisfied with your new cap, Dr. Kardon will place it using a very strong bonding agent.

Beyond delivering natural-looking results, dental crowns:

  • Strengthen teeth
  • Restore teeth to their natural size, appearance, and shape
  • Restore dental implants
  • Repair large cavities or fractures
  • Reinforce weak teeth
  • Rebuild teeth after root canal therapy
  • Protect worn or eroded teeth

Once your new crown is placed, you will need to care for it as you would a natural tooth. Dental crowns are made from durable material, but they should never be used to tear or bite hard objects. To enjoy your new prosthetic for several years or longer, be sure to maintain good oral hygiene habits and visiting our Cherry Hill dental practice twice a year for exams and cleanings. During your visits, Dr. Kardon can check your dental crown to ensure that it still has a strong bond.

Schedule an Appointment to Learn More About the Natural-Looking Results that a Dental Crown Can Deliver

If you are needing to undergo extensive treatment for tooth decay, a dental crown can restore form and function to your smile. The custom prosthetic is designed to perfectly match your natural teeth. Once your crown has been placed, few people if any will be able to tell that you underwent dental crown treatment. To schedule your dental crown consultation, please contact our office online or call (856) 667-1001.