They come into your lives so innocent.

They are small and cute and just have the desire to love. It’s amazing how deep they can touch your heart. They only want to please in any manner they can. It’s amazing what a dog’s love can do to a human being

Norbit came into my life over 11 years ago as a 10-week-old Chocolate Labrador puppy who was as cute as puppies could be. Every day she joined me at work to share her natural talent of cuteness to all my patients. They all enjoyed the comforts of having a dog in one of the places that most people have a fear. She spread her joy to all that gave her hugs, kisses and especially biscuits. She grew up at TLC Dental and as I watched my patients grow they watched Norbit mature as well.

It’s saddens me to tell all of you that on December 28, 2019 Norbit had to go past the rainbow bridge and begin to Rest In Peace. As a dog she gave me all the unconditional love I needed. She brought such joy and happiness to my life each and every minute we were together. Her passing has broken my soul. The connection a dog brings to their owner is unexplainable and the loss of this loved one empties your heart. She will be missed by so many patients, family and friends that she has encountered in her life. The relentless determination she had to live was a true inspiration in my life. We did everything together.

She began TLC with me in the beginning and grew to become a statement for this Dental Practice. Patients would always ask where she was and requested often that I   bring her to work. The calmness she gave them to comfort their fear of the dentist was often spoken each day she was there.

Norbit has given me so much in her lifetime. My memories will always be of joy and happy times we have shared together. She loved to swim, run on the beach, eat everything that wasn’t tied down.  The fresh air blowing through her ears while riding on the jet ski or boat were the happiest times we shared. She absolutely loved her life to the fullest.

In the end Norbit wouldn’t let her disease get the best of her. Her last days were still spent doing what Norbit enjoyed to do. She never suffered because the love she gave me I had to return back to her. I will never ever forget all the unconditional supportive and fulfilling life moments that she gave me and the strength she provided me throughout her years of being by my side.

I feel such sadness and my heart aches over the loss of my wonderful Norbit, but I know how many positive ways she has helped people in my dental practice. I only feel it’s fair to her to write this tribute for her from my practice and myself. She will be so missed in my life both personally and professionally. She was the beginning of TLC Dental legacy of bringing dogs to work and making the patients feel at ease.

Rest in Peace my dear sweet Norbit. I love you with all my heart.