Meet The Team


Cherry Hill dentist Dr. Julie Kardon has an outstanding dental office staff whose goal is to make their patients feel comfortable while providing the highest quality dental care.

Dana – Dental Assistant

TLC Dental Center
Dental Radiology

My name is Dana and I am a dental assistant at TLC Dental Center. I have been a dental assistant for 15 years and have experience in all dental specialties.
I love making patients feel comfortable and easing their dental anxieties and fears. Dr. Kardon and I make a great team and I love working for such a warm and friendly team. In my free time I love spending girl-time with my 5 year old daughter Carmella, and being creative with my Etsy children’s clothing boutique.

Gia – Dental Hygienist

Camden County College
Dental Radiology

Hi, my name is Gia and I am the Dental Hygienist here at TLC Dental Center. I graduated in May of 2016 at Camden County College. I always loved being a dental hygienist but what makes it even better was finding my dental home at TLC Dental Center. We work great as a team helping every type of patient including phobic patients. The best reward is seeing a patient that was once extremely phobic turn into a patient that comes every 3 months for cleanings with a smile on their face. My other passion, besides dental hygiene, is helping animals in need. My family and I foster sick kittens until they are healthy enough to get adopted.

Fabiola Melendez – Dental Hygienist

TLC Dental Center
Dental Radiology

My name is Fabiola Melendendez. I graduated from dental school in New York, where I lived for more than 40 years. I have been a dental hygienist for 22 years now and I enjoy everything about my job. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my grandkids!

Meet The Dogs

Chewy Kardon

Hello everyone visiting TLC Dental Center, My name is Chewy Kardon and I have been recently added to the TLC family. I know I have very tall paws to live up to because Norbits was loved by all of you and especially my mother and Dudley. Dr. Kardon picked me up in Delaware from a lead from a friend/patient. She arrived at the farm to visit me with my soon to be brother Dudley. Although I was only eight weeks old I played well with him and his friend Zoey. I knew going home with mom was like hitting the lottery so I had to get along with everyone. Dudley seemed depressed and withdrawn and I soon learned he had just lost his best friend Norbit. I also heard them talking that Dudley needed a new friend to snap him out of his depression so I turned on the charm. Minutes later I found myself in the car and driving back to my new home.

I am a very nervous puppy at first but once I learned my way around the house and office I began to warm the hearts of everyone. Mom took a lot of work to bond to as well but I will work very hard to win her over as well. The office setting is awesome because I get so much attention because I’m the new comer and I’m a puppy. Who doesn’t love a puppy…RIGHT!!! Please come and see and pet me and I love to receive biscuits and toys. I’m here to make your visit at TLC Dental Center the best you can have and to help make your time here relaxing  and comfortable. If you can’t find me, I’m sleeping under the desk with my brother because mom always has me there. Looking forward to seeing everyone


Norbit Kardon

I was born Sept 24th 2009 in home located in Cape May County, New Jersey. I was one of elven puppies to a father and mother that were Chocolate Labradors. When my Mom walked through those doors it was an instant connection and I was the only one that walked up to her with my sad eyes hoping she would take me home.

Once I was eight weeks older, I went home with my Mom Dr. Julie Kardon. I looked and played my part as a sweet and adorable puppy that loved my Mom. As I grew up, I spent most of my younger years at TLC Dental Center being cared for by the team and being loved by all the patients. I think just being there made all the people I met more comfortable being at the dentist. The patients would hold me, give me treats and attention that no dog would ever give up!

On the weekends, I grew up on the shore playing on the beach, swimming in the pool and lagoon, jet skiing, fishing, and tubing.  Most of all, I enjoyed the wind blowing past my ears up at the front of my Mom’s boat, all summer long.

After a long hard and playful weekend, I soak my tired body in a hot tub for a bit (when my mom wasn’t looking). I’d often counter surf for food and help myself to the trash. I was always known as Dennis the Menace because if there was trouble, I was the cause of it all.

Once I grew to the age of 8, for some reason I stopped chasing in the ball. I started to get easily tired. My mom took me to the puppy doctor and I was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension, and congestive heart failure.I am very fortunate to have a loving mother who supports my medications for this illness and all the loving patients that still say “Hi” to me when I’m at the practice. It’s been two years since my diagnosis and I’m going strong everyday. I thank my Mom, my family, the doctors, and the patients for all the biscuits and treats I receive from everyone.

I was raised at TLC Dental Center with such love and support and I will continue to pay that forward to every patient that walks through the doors of TLC to make their visit as happy and as pleasant as I truly can.

Oh yeah, biscuits are all I need to make you all my best friends.

Dudley Kardon

I was born on March 17, 2014 in a home full of Gold Retrievers and was 1 out of 8 puppies running around a small contained spot in my breeder’s house. Dr. Julie walked in and picked me to go home. I overheard her speaking to my breeder that her Golden instantly died at the age of six, the same night her mother got hit by a car. It was a very sad story, so as a pup I knew I had a job to do. Dr. Julie said she would be back with her mother for a day visit. My future Grandma (Dr. Julie’s mother and who also loved Goldens) was in rehab trying to get stronger and recover from the accident.

Well, when grandma slowly walked up the steps, she barely made it through the door. I then became a true Golden Retriever and gave her all the warmth and happiness us Goldens can give! And Grandma? She fell INSTANTLY in love. My calm demeanor and kind soul won the family over and I soon went home and met my sister, Norbit. Norbit and I hit it off right away and basically had fun everyday.

Norbit and I loved being at the shore running on the beach. I too loved riding on the boat but I mostly enjoy fishing with my mother. Although rarely is something caught, I always sit and wait for the magical moments of catching that fish and chasing it all over the boat. I am a bit more afraid of all the other water sports Norbit likes to do. I do love when they take me paddle boarding and kayaking. I just watch all the suckers that do all the work while I soak up the sun and relax, looking adorable!

I too was raised at TLC as a puppy and my sole job was to look cute and greet people. I love people attention. All I need is for the patients to pet me and say “Hi” when they come in for their dental work. If you can’t find me I’m sleeping under the desk, I will always come out to give you a warm Hello and comfort you by petting me.

My best days are either going to the beach, fishing with my mom and Norbit, or just hanging at work to greet the patients of TLC. So please, come in and say Hi and pet me and give my sister Norbit a biscuit.