Overcoming Dental Fear about Root Canal Therapy

male dental patient showing fear about procedure

Do you have dental fear associated with root canal therapy? If so, you’re not alone. This procedure has a reputation for being painful. But contrary to this common belief, root canal therapy actually removes the infection at its source. As a result, most individuals notice immediate relief after the treatment.

Overcoming dental fear is easier said than done. But Dr. Julie Kardon and the TLC Dental Center team are here to share some information and advice that can help make your next appointment stress-free.

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Why do people think root canal treatment is painful?

People have been performing dental procedures since the dawn of humanity. Unfortunately, before the advent of modern methods, individuals either pulled painful teeth or lived with them until they fell out on their own. In ancient history, people thought that toothaches were actually caused by a “tooth worm”, which had to be removed to alleviate the discomfort. Some historians believe that the “worm” they were referring to was actually the nerve inside the tooth. As you can imagine, that would be an incredibly painful procedure – especially since local anesthesia hadn’t been invented yet!

The Perks of Modern Dentistry

Fortunately, we now understand that toothaches aren’t caused by “tooth worms”, but by dental damage. Deep dental decay or large fractures can cause bacteria to invade the tooth pulp. When this happens, the only two treatment options are root canal therapy or extraction. Root canal therapy involves removing the nerves, blood vessels, and infected tissues inside the tooth. The affected tooth is then filled, sealed, and restored. Even without the nerves and vessels, the structure of a tooth can still remain strong.

In addition to local anesthesia, options in sedation dentistry are also available today. Sedation induces relaxation and helps alleviate dental fear during root canal therapy.

Ease Your Dental Fear with Oral Conscious Sedation

At TLC Dental Center, Dr. Kardon frequently uses oral conscious sedation. This option involves taking a sedative pill about one hour before your root canal therapy appointment. With the right dosage, this type of sedation can relax you and ease dental anxiety for a more pleasant dental experience.

Keep in mind that oral sedation temporarily affects motor skills and cognitive ability. Therefore, patients who choose this option should arrange for a responsible driver to bring them to and from their appointment.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Dr. Kardon performs a wide range of dental procedures at our Cherry Hill practice. It is not uncommon for patients to have dental fear about their root canal treatment. However, most people find that sedation, combined with our relaxing atmosphere, helps foster a truly comfortable visit.

Here is a recent review from one of our patients:

“The most pleasant experience I’ve ever had at a dentist. The entire staff is a wonderful group of people who make you feel warm and invited; the good vibes of the office make you forget you’re at the dentist. Dr. Kardon was not only delicately methodical at the root canal she performed on me, she is also very honest and caring. I would recommend TLC Dental for sure to anyone looking for a great dentist.” – Alex W.

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