Teeth Whitening: Is It Safe?

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They don’t call them “pearly whites” for nothing. White teeth are desirable for a healthy and inviting smile; if your teeth have started to look a little dull or yellowed, food and drink stains could be to blame. The good news is that these types of stains can usually be removed through a simple cosmetic dentistry treatment. However, some patients searching for “ teeth whitening near me ” wonder if these procedures are safe on teeth and gums. The short answer? Yes. Whitening from our Cherry Hill, NJ dental practice is safe and effective: all of our treatments are approved by the American Dental Association. To learn more about this procedure and if it’s right for you – continue reading!

If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your smile, don’t just trust any dentist; choose a dentist like Dr. Julie Kardon who has advanced skill and years of experience crafting beautiful smiles for patients just like you. If you are in the Cherry Hill, NJ area and are looking for a cosmetic dentist, contact TLC Dental Center today!

How does it work?

Our practice uses powerful whitening products that contain carbamide peroxide, a whitening agent that produces hydrogen peroxide when specially applied to the surface of teeth. The resulting bleaching effect can lighten teeth up to eight shades lighter!

It does this by penetrating the porous layers of enamel to reach the food and drink stains that reside just below the surface of teeth. These stains are called “extrinsic” stains and are accumulated from consuming richly-colored foods. The hydrogen peroxide breaks the molecular bonds holding together these microscopic stains and releases the oxygen molecules of the stain compounds from the enamel. The result is an instantly brighter (and stain-free) smile.

You’ve probably seen over-the-counter whitening solutions at your drugstore or pharmacy, but our professional whitening treatment offers more powerful results and is applied with the skill and experience of one of our TLC Dental Care team members. With our whitening treatment, a blue dental light is used to increase the carbamide peroxide’s stain-fighting power to provide even quicker and more dramatic results.

Are there any side effects?

Rest assured that our professional whitening treatment does not damage or weaken your natural teeth. Our products, with the ADA Seal of Approval, are safe on enamel.

Some patients do experience temporary, mild side effects after a whitening treatment. Often, symptoms go away quickly (lasting just hours or possibly one to two days).

Common side effects include:

  • Increased sensitivity to hot or cold foods
  • Sore throat
  • Dry mouth
  • Fleeting sensations of pain in the teeth

We work to minimize these side effects with all of our patients. We take precautions to protect the gums from contact with the whitening gel and offer tips for caring for your teeth post-procedure. For patients worried about sensitivity, we can provide a fluoride treatment a couple of days prior to the whitening session in order to strengthen and support the enamel.

Will it work for me?

As with any cosmetic procedure, teeth whitening treatment can only be performed once Dr. Kardon has determined that no necessary restorative treatments are needed. Gum disease, tooth decay, or other health issues must be treated before cosmetic treatments can begin. This not only is for the benefit of your oral health, but helps to ensure your cosmetic treatment lasts as long as possible and achieves your aesthetic goals.

It’s important to mention that professional whitening often does not produce good results for patients with ‘intrinsic” rather than “extrinsic” tooth stains. These deeper stains cannot be reached by our whitening agents, and usually form after using certain types of medications, from older age, or in some instances, from genetics. Additionally, whitening treatments are not effective on dental crowns, dental bonding, or other restorative treatments. We often recommend porcelain veneers to patients with highly visible dental restorations who desire a brighter and more aesthetic smile.

Teeth Whitening Near Me in Cherry Hill, NJ

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